Malaga here I come! Another concert in Spain.

I just got confirmation that my visit to Spain will be extended to include another concert! On the november 9th I will perform in a theatre in Malaga. And even more good news. I will be accompanied by violinist/multi talent Luz Prado Codina of the Les Desencatadas! It will be magic!

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  1. Hello Juni!
    We (me and my boyfriend) were on your concert in Málaga and we loved it in spite of the "technical" difficulties ;) We would have liked to get your album but we were so shy and stupid we went out there without doing it :( (and now we are regreting it so much). We hope to see you again here in Málaga (or nearby).

  2. Oh, David!
    You really should have! It would have been nice talking to you! I hope to come back soon again! Maybe in the spring, who knows. Well, I hope this might soothe your ears until next time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9Y7p0n-Ms8. A clip from the Malaga show!


    Ps. I think it's possible to order the album on web stores.. like this one: https://www.bengans.se/popup/juni_gospel/int.aspx?language=en